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Secure design for dbang-catalog.json

When your invoke dbang hello@github_user first time and dbang will prompt you to confirm script's permissions required. After confirm dbang will cache dbang-catalog.json and scripts in the dbang-catalog.json locally, and next time to run script again, dbang will not ask for permission again.

You can use trust command to avoid this prompt:

jbang trust github_user
jbang trust github_user/repo_name

Attention: if you choose to trust a GitHub user, and it means you will trust all scripts in the user's catalog with all permissions.

Update catalog

dang will use two caches: dbang-catalog.json cache and Deno caches. and make sure scripts not changed after your confirmations. It's secure to prevent you from malicious scripts. If you want to update remote catalog and script, and you should update catalog first.

jbang catalog update github_user 

dbang will prompt you to confirm scripts' new permissions if different with local jbang-catalog.json cache, and it's like Android App update.

Cache delete

For some cases, you want to delete local cache for scripts because some sensitive information in the scripts. You can call following command to delete local cache of the script.

dbang cache delete hello@github_user

Private GitHub Repository

You can save scripts in private GitHub repository, and dbang uses secure strategy from Deno, please refer Private modules and repositories for details.
dbang will use DENO_AUTH_TOKENS to read your dbang-catalog.json, and scripts fetching will be done by Deno. DENO_AUTH_TOKENS for Github is like [email protected]