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Explore the DBang Catalog

dbang-catalog.json is a JSON file that contains a list of Deno scripts.

"scripts": {
"hello": {
"script-ref": "hello.ts",
"description": "Hello world"
"myip": {
"script-ref": "myip.ts",
"description": "Display your IP address by",
"permissions": [
"deno": "1.17.1"
  • script-ref: script file in the repo or HTTPS URL
  • description: short description of the script
  • permissions: permissions required to run the script, Please refer Deno Permissions for more details.
  • deno: Deno version required to run the script

Commands for Catalog

  • Add catalog: dbang catalog add github_user: dbang will ask you to confirm permissions in catalog then cache dbang-catalog.json and scripts in the catalog.
  • List catalog's scripts: dbang catalog list github_user or dbang list github_user/repo
  • Show detail of catalog: dbang catalog show github_user
  • Update catalog: dbang catalog update github_user
  • Remove catalog: dbang catalog delete github_user